Voluntary Commitments in the U.S.

American Beverage Association (ABA) member companies – which represent 95 percent of the energy drinks sold in the U.S. – support a responsible commitment to the manufacturing, marketing and consumption of their products. ABA member companies who make mainstream energy drinks voluntarily adhere to the ABA Guidance for the Responsible Labeling and Marketing of Energy Drinks, which, among other things, outline that energy drinks are not to be marketed to children, including the marketing or sale of energy drinks in schools between grades K-12.


Energy drink labels contain a great deal of information for consumers, some of which is mandated by law and some which is voluntarily provided by leading energy drink companies under the ABA’s guidelines.  Consumers can easily learn the following from the label, among other things

  • The total amount of caffeine from all sources;
  • All ingredients (required by U.S. law); 
  • A Nutrition Facts Panel showing the amount of calories and other nutrients in the product (required by U.S. law); and
  • Allergen information, if any (required by U.S. law).